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OS.CAR organizes and controls the sales process in your car dealership.

OS.CAR gives every user enterprise-wide, brand specific and cross-client needed information. The proposal dealership is used as a sales management or in the management information system as well.


OS.CAR offers functional sales transactions. The system encompasses the complete sales process. Beginning with the first contact with the consumer, to the proposal preparation and includes the car-configuration throught the creation of the contract.

In addition, all necessary administrative operations are supported with all necessary forms and vehicle delivery.

By controlling the sales, distribution is enhanced by these comprehensive evaluation tools.
A powerful CEM-module creates automatic follow-ups and contact chains for the seller.

OS.CAR offers enormous savings potential. The sales records are based on electronic administation and results are available to all staff.
The search and documentation for sales-related documents will be kept to a minimum. All offers and contracts along with complete information are available on the screen.

Reports are created directly by OS.CAR, so unnecessary and complex tables are omitted.

OS.CAR can also provide services needed in day-to-day business. For example, extradition documents and commission.

OS.CAR in the car dealership

Visit our car dealership to learn more about the OS.CAR product highlights!

OS.CAR in the car dealership