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Unternehmen IT-Service GmbH

Since 1996, the IT-Service GmbH has offered professional services and solutions to all areas of information technology industry. Our focus has always been on customer and business relationships. We have developed a unique expertise in the work processes and requirements of our customers.

In addition to the areas of hardware and software development, our strengths lie in planning and supporting of complex network structures and PC environments. For a number of medium-sized company, we comply with all the functions of an IT department.

For many years, we have aided car dealerships in IT support, specificly developing developing dealerships operational solutions. Safety and reliability are our top priority. We are not only a software vendor, because our solutions have been developed at the dealership to meet the needs. At the IT-Service GmbH are working car dealership-professionals.

With competent, motivated and through strategic partnerships with through renownded companies, IT-service GmbH can show their strengths and react quickly to market developments and customer requirements.

The trust of our customers shows that our strategy are in line with our customers - we are challenged to see, to confirm and further this trust every single day!